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A Doctor’s Advice for Managing Your Child’s Eczema

A Doctor’s Advice for Managing Your Child’s Eczema - Soothems

There are seemingly countless myths out there when it comes to infant eczema treatment. In this post, we thought it would be beneficial to share the advice of Dr. Robert Sidbury, a co-chair of the National Eczema Association’s Scientific Advisory Board. Keep reading for a portion of pediatric dermatologist Dr. Sidbury’s Q&A for expert advice on treating babies and children suffering from eczema:

What is the best way to treat eczema?

  1. Does eczema always itch? - We tend to associate atopic dermatitis with skin that’s red, raw, rough, cracked and bleeding. Not to mention, there’s usually an incessant itch that keeps babies awake at night. Dr. Sidbury explains that you can have certain areas of the body that have such thick skin areas that itchiness may not factor into the equation. His recommendation? Be sure to consistently moisturize your baby’s skin, especially after bath time. Look for a rash that forms on the scalp and face, especially on the cheeks. Eczema in little ones can bubble up before oozing and weeping fluid.  
  2. Is redness the only sign of eczema inflammation and irritation? - Dr. Sidbury says that inflammation shouldn’t necessarily be thought of like color. Inflammation can be anything from swelling and warmth too, of course, the dreaded eczema itch. In addition, be on the lookout for what’s called follicular eczema, which has the appearance of permanent goosebumps.
  3. Will be exposed to saltwater have an impact on my child’s eczema? - This is a ‘yes and no’ answer according to Dr. Sidbury. He says that saltwater baths can be good for infants whose skin is so open and broken down that getting into the tub becomes incredibly uncomfortable. By mixing in a little salt, the water ends up stinging quite a bit less. Depending on the severity of your child’s eczema, Epsom and table salts can go a long way. Just keep in mind there isn’t a definitive answer whether saltwater is inherently good or bad for the condition.
  4. Should you apply moisturizer after your baby has been drooling? - Dr. Sidbury affirms that you can take a little coat of Vaseline and moisturize the area prior to mealtime. In turn, it can serve as a barrier. Once they’re done eating, you can clean them up and moisturize a second time.
  5. Should I be making changes to my child’s diet to alleviate their eczema? - We’ve touched on this before, but it’s worth getting some suggestions from Dr. Sidbury. As a parent, you would go to the ends of the earth to provide eczema relief for your little one. Try as you might, there’s just no surefire way to pinpoint what’s causing the flare-ups. Then you think about altering their diet. Dr. Sidbury explains that if there seems to be a possible food trigger, consult an allergist before eliminating it. The last thing you want to do is eliminate multiple food groups at the same time.

Infant Eczema Sleepwear and More: How to Choose the Best Baby Eczema Clothing?

At Soothems, we strive to be the leaders in infant eczema skin care. Just because there may not be a cure for eczema yet doesn’t mean hope is lost with treatment options. Our team of eczema therapy experts created Soothems garments to improve the quality of life for those suffering from sensitive skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

  • Take our arm and leg sleeve baby eczema treatment. These arm sleeves for eczema are not only easy to fit, but also stay put throughout the night. Parents love that the sleeves easily cover topical medications and help reduce itchiness in joint creases.
  • Made from the innovative TEWLTect smart fabric, Soothems garments protect moisture levels on the skin and can significantly reduce your child’s itching. TEWLTect fabric uses TENCEL enhanced with Chitosan and Bamboo fibers that are encapsulated with Zinc Oxide.  Our children’s eczema sleepwear is incredibly soft, bacteria controlling, lightweight, and thermoregulating for an unmatched fit.
  • Then there are the “magic prints” found on our eczema pajamas. These inks found on our smart fabric reacts to body temperature, causing blueprint color images to fade away before your child’s eyes. Coupled with Soothems storybooks, the prints reinforce healing imagery with visible change.

Eczema fabric treatment using Zinc Oxide Wet Wrapping Itch Control

  • Soothems is your go-to source for infant eczema education. Whether you’re hoping to learn more about eczema trigger factors or the “itch-scratch” cycle, we have you covered. Shop Soothems baby eczema treatment today and check out more of our upcoming blog posts.

Join Soothems on our mission to provide less itch and more smiles.   

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