Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Soothems®?  Therapeutic clothing to help treat children with Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema and other skin sensitivity and allergy issues where the skin becomes itchy, dry and irritated.Soothems® eczema clothing is made from a proprietary SkinSmart fabric called TEWLTect® that provides a positive, soothing effect that reduces itchiness, helps preserve moisture levels on the skin and controls bacteria growth helping to battle infections.

    TEWLTect® is an excellent occlusive barrier that protects the skin from irritants and can be used wet or dry, with or without lotions to help preserve moisture on the skin. Soothems® offers a range of innovative products including sleeves, tops, leggings, rompers, and caps. Our mission is simple: Improve the quality of life for your son or daughter by relieving the chronic itching and other symptoms associated with eczema. With Soothems®, a peaceful day and a restful night’s sleep becomes possible for the entire family.

    1. What are Soothems® garments made from?TEWLTect™, a proprietary SkinSmart fabric encapsulated in Zinc Oxide that is a blend of high performance, sustainable cellulosic polymer fibers: 60 percent TENCEL™ is considered one of the softest fibers in the world / 35 percent TANBOOCEL viscose made from bamboo and Creora® latex-free spandex.

      TEWLTect® is registered with the Federal Drug Administration as a Class 1 medical device. The raw materials used in TEWLTect have each been awarded the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, product class 1 for baby articles certifying they are free from any hazardous materials. Every production lot of TEWLTect® SkinSmart fabric is tested in an independent, fully accredited international lab. We also test in an independent, fully accredited international lab every production lot of TEWLTect smart fabric.

      TEWLTect complies the European Union requirements for 
      substances of very high concern (SVHC) and is certified REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant. This guarantees the fabric skin-safe and free from irritants such as formaldehyde, azo and disperses dyes, and heavy metals such as lead, nickel, aluminum, arsenic, and 18 other potentially harmful substances that can sometimes be found in other textile products.

    2. What should I know about TENCEL™, TANBOOCEL®,  and Zinc Oxide? TENCEL™ is technically a lyocell fiber made from beech wood. The Federal Trade Commission defines TENCEL™ as “a cellulose fiber that is obtained by an organic solvent spinning process,” which differs from other man-made fibers in that the process used is a non-chemical one that’s very environmentally friendly.

      TENCEL™  is capable of absorbing 50 percent of its weight in moisture and helps to preserve the skin’s natural moisture and improve its protective function. TENCEL™ has hemostatic properties that promote faster wound and rash healing. 
    3. TANBOOCEL® is a viscose, made from bamboo a sustainable polymer that is a cool, soft, smooth, pliable and symmetrical fiber and is almost friction free with the skin.
    4. Zinc Oxide, an inorganic mineral compound, is incorporated into the smart fibers through an encapsulation process that can never wear out or wash off. Zinc Oxide is an excellent astringent that has been clinically proven to contribute to the regeneration of the skin, naturally soothing irritated skin and healing wounds.
    5. What makes Soothems different from other clothing? - We understand the itch/scratch cycle is tough to break and can deteriorate the quality of life by disrupting the sleep cycle of both child and parent.

      We have designed our products with specific features that will help simplify treating eczema symptoms. You can learn about the numerous functional attributes designed into Soothems in the product information area for each style.

    6. When should Soothems® be worn? — We recommend wearing Soothems at the first signs of dry skin rash or an eczema flare-up. Soothems are highly breathable and thermoregulating. They can be worn under a garment, as a wet wrap or dry, and as pajamas.

      TEWLTects’ smart fibers have hollow structures and are inherently thermo-regulating and boast clinically proven advantages for breathability and coolness compared to other fibers including cotton, polyester, nylon, and silk. Breathability (airflow) increases the speed of healing.

      Heat can aggravate eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis and the wicking properties of TEWLTect® fibers trap and release moisture providing a cool feeling that creates a pleasant sensation on the skin and can significantly reduce itching for individuals with skin problems. Because Soothems are thermoregulating and highly breathable they will not make you overheat, but they also will not keep you warm. They are temperature neutral.

    7. Can TEWLTect™ be used in conjunction with other eczema therapy methods? — Yes! TEWLTect smart fabric is an excellent occlusive barrier, as a wet wrap or dry, with or without emollients, and even with topical steroids as prescribed by a medical professional.

      Covering topically applied lotions and emollients with Soothems is an excellent way to protect them from making a mess with everything they touch, thereby increasing their efficacy. Soothems are easy to wash after use, see the 
      care instructions for details.

      Soothems are excellent for 
      wet wrap therapy and/or just after a therapeutic bath using any of the following natural, homeopathic components organic apple cider vinegar, baking soda, virgin coconut oils, Epsom salts, evening primrose, garlic or oatmeal. Soothems can even be used as a follow up to bleach baths when recommended by a healthcare professional. Always check with a healthcare professional prior to trying any eczema treatment.

    8. What is “Search for a Smile in the Moon”? — Many eczema sufferers have an increased itch sensation at the end of the day, right before they try to go to sleep. This is commonly called the itch /scratch cycle and can make falling asleep extremely difficult. The disruption in sleep cycles affects the quality of life for both the eczema sufferer and the caregiver.

      Our team believes that by reading 
      “Search for a Smile in the Moon” to a child at bedtime in tandem with dressing them in Soothems can promote healing behaviors and end-of-day calmness and allows for a more restful night’s sleep for you and your child. There’s no question that Soothems is changing bedtime for the better.

      Our garments have a special print pattern that uses a sensitive, skin-safe, formaldehyde-free ink that has been certified as safe for contact with sensitive infant skin using the  Human Repeated Insult Patch Test and also the 
      Kawai Method (Replica Method) Skin Test.

      When your child puts on Soothems®, certain print colors react to body temperature and “fade away” like magic, inspiring your child to imagine their skin healing and feeling less itchy in the same way they see the blue moons fading right before their eyes. Soothems can help reduce stress and make treating eczema and falling asleep fun for both child and caregiver.

    9. How do sizes work with Soothems®? — We make it easy to find the size that best fits your child. With our size chart, you can match the height/weight or circumference range that’s closest to your child to find the right size. Do not rely on age to find the best fitting Soothems.  

      Soothems are most effective when worn tight fitting, but not restrictive. Soothems are designed with TEWLTect’s 360-degree stretch so they can fit close to the skin. If your child is between sizes, we suggest that you choose the next larger size as long as the garment will still fit snugly. If you have any doubt about size selection feel free to contact us before purchasing. Soothems are a personal care medical device and therefore we cannot accept returns on opened packages.

    10. What kind of eczema clothing can I buy from Soothems? — We recognize that eczema predominantly affects children under the age of 10 so we have developed a range of products that are focused on the specific end use for properly treating eczema regardless of whether your child has mild-to-moderate or moderate-to-severe eczema issues.

      All our products are sewn with a special thread that is approved for infants and sensitive skin. The seams are turned to the outside of the garment and use special non-irritating, no mark, non-chafing stitches. As an example, our snug fitting Toddler & Kid’s Eczema Treatment Sleepwear LS Shirt has scratch-proof, satin-protected, convertible hand covers. And the Toddler and Kid’s Eczema Treatment Sleepwear Footed Leggings have double lined footies with non-slip soles. The infant romper with a neck-to-ankle zipper making it easy to put on and take off, even during wet wrap therapy treatments, has both the convertible mittens and double lined non-slip soles. We also have the special Eczema Therapy + Relief Arm & Leg Sleeves that are great for treating the difficult eczema rashes in the creases behind knees and elbows. Soothems is planning on offering additional children’s and adult products soon.

    11. Is Soothems machine washable? -  Yes! Machine wash your Soothems® garments inside-out in warm to hot (100F - 140F) water using only non-chlorine bleach when needed. We suggest rinsing twice at the end of the cycle to remove residual detergent before laying out flat to dry.

      Keep in mind that Soothems® garments can be washed over 40 times without significant degradation to functional performance if care instructions are followed. We recommend using a mild liquid detergent like “
      Attitude Sensitive Skin Natural Baby Laundry” or Better Life Laundry Detergent, Unscented, or All Free Clear, or Tide Free & Gentle detergent, to avoid any possible irritation from harsh ingredients.

      Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners, as these leave a coating on fibers that can reduce absorbency and breathe-ability. For stubborn stains, create a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar (or plain water) into a paste for a natural, all-purpose cleaner and stain remover. Gently rub the paste on the stain and let soak overnight. Follow the normal care instructions to wash and rinse the remaining paste. There are more detailed instructions and suggestions in our instructions for use document.

    12. Will my insurance cover Soothems®? – The answer depends on your health insurance provider and your individual policy.  Soothems® can be eligible for health insurance reimbursement and can also qualify for Health Saving Account (HSA) payment with a simple letter from your healthcare provider recommending that you use Soothems to treat skin conditions. LEARN MORE

      Important: The information contained herein is provided for general educational purposes only. Soothems, LLC intention is not to offer this information as medical advice or to replace the consultations with a dermatologist, pediatrician or medical professional. Your healthcare professional is the single best source of information regarding your child’s health.

      Warning — discontinue use of Soothems® garments at the first sign of irritation, infection, rash, or discomfort and immediately contact a healthcare professional.

      Soothems, LLC does not claim to diagnose or cure medical conditions or guarantee results. Soothems, LLC is not responsible for the misuse of products or for the use of products without the advice of a healthcare professional.