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Why Choose Our Baby Eczema Treatment?

Why Choose Our Baby Eczema Treatment? - Soothems

According to the National Eczema Association, 9.6 million children under the age of 18 in the U.S. have eczema. That’s a lot of young people dealing with red, inflamed, and itchy skin. As we’ve explained in previous blog posts, atopic dermatitis wears on families over time. Children who experience eczema symptoms on a regular basis often resort to scratching for temporary relief. Unfortunately, scratching only worsens the symptoms, leading to what’s called the “itch-scratch cycle.” There may not be a cure for the condition at the moment, but there are certainly a number of holistic eczema treatments worth trying. Keep reading to learn how Soothems could be an integral part of your child’s eczema skin care routine.

About Our Eczema Therapy Clothing

So what exactly is Soothems eczema sleepwear? Let’s start with the fact that our garments are made from a proprietary smart fabric called TEWLTect. What makes TEWLTect so incredible is that it provides a positive, soothing effect that reduces itchiness, helps preserve moisture levels on the skin, and controls bacteria growth to stave off infections. That’s not all, though. This smart fabric also serves as an occlusive barrier that protects the skin from irritants, allowing your kiddo to enjoy fewer flare-ups. Maybe you’re thinking, “My child’s sensitive skin requires topical medications and moisturizing before bedtime. Can they still wear Soothems?” The answer is yes! When we first created Soothems, the mission was simple: improve the quality of life for your son or daughter by relieving the chronic symptoms associated with eczema. Rest assured that Soothems are perfect for wet wrap therapy and are easy to wash.

Infant Eczema Clothing That Works

It pains you to see your baby in such discomfort as a result of eczema. You try just about every treatment you read about, only to no avail. This is where Soothems baby eczema treatment comes into play. These eczema pajamas are lightweight, breathable, and therapeutic. Featuring a onesie design with a neck to ankle zipper, this romper provides a comfortable, yet snug fit. One more thing: your child’s Soothems garment can be used wet or dry and is an FDA registered Class 1 medical device.

The Best Way to Relieve Your Child’s Eczema at Night

You know the drill. It’s time to put your little one down for the night, but their eczema is worse than ever. Not only are they not able to sleep, but they keep the entire family from getting a good night’s sleep. So how does Soothems help? Well, we believe in the therapeutic power of an imaginative story that entertains, empathizes, and normalizes life with sensitive skin conditions. It’s our hope that “Search for a Smile in the Moon” will do just the trick. First, get them comfortable and cozy in their Soothems eczema therapy garment. Then read them our special bedtime storybook. In no time, the combination of their jammies with the magic “fade away” blueprint will delight and comfort them into a more restful night.

If you want to help make your child’s skin healthier, then be sure to invest in Soothems. Check out our selection of infant eczema products and eczema sleepwear today.   


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