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Zinc: Is it Important and Safe in Eczema Clothing?

Eczema clothing and sleepwear without “Zinc” is truthfully an inferior product to other eczema clothing products made with zinc oxide infused textiles. The fact is an eczema clothing brand that boosts “ No Zinc” is either uneducated about the medical benefits of zinc, misinformed, or intentionally misleading people to buy their product which made from a regular sportswear fabric – not a skin smart fabric with zinc oxide and other helpful medical biopolymers like Chitosan.

Conversely, zinc and the mineral compound zinc oxide are extremely helpful for treating skin irritations and autoimmune diseases like eczema. Zinc is commonly recognized by the medical and scientific communities as boosting the body’s immune system. Therefore many doctors recommend taking zinc supplements to stave off the common cold. Zinc Oxide is a compound of Zinc and Oxygen and is commonly a topical variation of the element zinc. Zinc Oxide has been proven over centuries to treat 1000’s of skin ailments from diaper rash, poisonous plant irritations, sunscreens, chickenpox, dermatitis, and eczema.

Read on: The truth about Zinc and Eczema!

Why is Eczema Clothing made with Zinc Oxide Infused Fabric?

Research, clinical trials and years of using on irritated skin including eczema is an effective treatment. read all of the articles below that confirm Zinc Oxide: Treating eczema with Zinc is effective(1)!

Be careful when shopping for eczema clothing. There are a number of products being sold as eczema clothing using just sportswear fabrics like regular sportswear TENCEL™, silk, organic cotton with enhancements that wash out and viscose and have not brought medical and textile science together to create skin smart fabric. There have been tremendous advancements in fiber and fabric technology in every field including athletic wear, uniforms, and new medical-grade fabrics like the fabric Soothems uses. Dermatologists have reported amazing results using Soothems. 

Don't be misled by eczema clothing products claiming "no zinc" as a feature. The idea that eczema clothing being “zinc-free” is a good thing demonstrates that this brand/product does not understand fundamental dermatology best practices about treating eczema, skin irritations and generally, dermatology and shows they are uninformed. The National Eczema Association supports the use of treating eczema with zinc oxide. The US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health clinical research confirms the benefits of zinc oxide for treating eczema (2) the health benefits of zinc oxide infused textiles (3) and thousands of years of using zinc to treat and protect (4) the human skin.

Soothems® eczema clothing and sleepwear for infants, children, and adults suffering from eczema add zinc oxide to its medical-grade, skin smart fabric because of the numerous health benefits zinc oxide offer for treating sensitive skin. The zinc oxide Soothems uses is embedded inside the fibers and will not wash or wear out and cannot clog pores like some thick, zinc oxide rich sunscreens. 

Zinc Oxide + Eczema = Facts(5):  Protects Skin Moisture, Calms Irritation, Stops Itching, Boosts the Immune System; Anti-inflammatory; Controls Bacteria Growth: and is Hypoallergenic.

Zinc Oxide is the #1 Active ingredient in Soothems TEWLTect® Fabric(6); Diaper Rash Creams (7); Calamine Lotion (8); Highly Effective Mineral Sunscreens (9)

Research Articles: Zinc Oxide and Treating Eczema:


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Unfortunately, every case of eczema is different but Soothems eczema sleepwear has been proven to improve moderate to severe eczema symptoms in less than 3 days in many cases. Parents have reported almost instant itch relief for children wearing Soothems. 

Zinc oxide infused clothing to treat eczema and psoriasis SoothemsZinc Oxide infused textile for Eczema treatment clothing

Dermatologist Recommendation:

Dr. Lio recommends Soothem zinc oxide infused fabric to treat eczema infants

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