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How to Stop the Itch of Eczema in Your Child

How to Stop the Itch of Eczema in Your Child - Soothems

A whopping 31 million Americans suffer from symptoms related to atopic dermatitis. This condition is a very common skin disease that occurs in babies, infants, children, and a sizable percentage of adults. If your child was recently diagnosed with eczema, chances are that you’re working to figure out remedies to use in combatting the itch. In this blog post, we will dive into five tips that can eliminate that nagging itch.

  1. Establish a bedroom routine - This is important for all babies, infants, and children. But it’s even more so for those with eczema. Keep in mind that at night, your child’s skin can get hotter and itchier. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep their bedroom cool and use cotton sheets. As part of their bedroom routine, apply moisturizer about 30 minutes before bedtime to allow it properly soak in. If you have pets, be sure to keep them out of your child’s bedroom. Unfortunately, cats and dogs can make eczema worse.
  2. Steer clear of harsh soaps and shampoos - You may have heard that regular bathing can provide temporary itching relief from bathing. That said, there are things to keep in mind here. For one, washing your child too often will damage their skin. Secondly, harsh soaps and scented bubble bath can actually worsen eczema symptoms. When preparing a bath for your child, do so with warm (not hot) water. Ideally, your child’s time in the tub should be limited to about 10 minutes. Once they’re out of the bath, gently pat your child’s skin partially dry. If your child has medicine, apply it when their skin is almost dry and use as directed. Lastly, apply moisturizer on top of the medicine and to the rest of their skin.
  3. Use plenty of moisturizers - As you select a moisturizer, go with one that’s an ointment or thick cream. It’s important to know that not all children react the same to every moisturizer. Some do better with fragrance-free ones such as petroleum jelly. The best advice with moisturizer is that it helps keep the skin soft and moist. If your child has dry skin, they’re more likely to deal with uncomfortable flare ups and possible infection.
  4. Monitor their diet - Symptoms of baby eczema can begin around six months. Experts say that about 10 percent of eczema cases are triggered by foods including milk, eggs, citrus fruit, chocolate, and peanuts. A more refined diet can go a long way in relieving your child’s symptoms.
  5. Keep them cool - If sweating causes your child to itch, find ways to keep them as cool as possible. This could mean reducing exertion, especially during flare-ups. Do what you can to layer clothing and adjust properly to change in temperature. Even though we’re quickly approaching winter, don’t overheat rooms in the house. This is even more critical for your child’s bedroom.   

How Can Soothems™ Garments Help?  

Along with the aforementioned tips, using light bedclothes from SOOTHEMS can help your child feel comfortable. What makes these clothes different is that they’re made from what’s called TEWLTect. The cellulose fibers in this smart fabric have been independently tested showing they will absorb 50 percent of their own weight in moisture before feeling damp. As a result, TEWLTect is far more effective than common materials such as cotton, polyester, and nylon. TEWLTect smart fibers have hollow structures and are designed to be inherently thermo-regulating. In contrast to cotton, polyester, and nylon, these smart fibers allow for unmatched breathability and coolness. It’s been found that the right amount of breathability increases the speed of healing from eczema symptoms. Not surprisingly, heat is known to aggravate eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. However, the wicking properties of TEWLTect fibers have the ability to trap and release moisture, providing a cool feeling that increases a pleasant sensation on the skin. This can significantly reduce itching for individuals with skin conditions such as eczema.

How would you like to know that your child’s eczema is being soothed all day and night? At Soothems, we’re developing the most innovative fabric therapy. Plus, our books are written to be paired with our smart fabric garments. Overall, we strive to provide a fun, enjoyable, and comforting experience for families where eczema is a reality.

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