How To Counter 6 Common Eczema Triggers In Kids

Doctors and scientists still don’t know what exactly causes eczema, but major triggers have been documented. If you and your child are able to avoid or combat some of these triggers, you’ll have a little more control over frustrating atopic dermatitis flare-ups. 
Keep in mind: Everyone is unique and everyone’s triggers are different. None of these triggers are the underlying cause of eczema and eliminating one won’t cure the condition; they are simply elements that can make the condition worse. 

Knowledge is power, so let’s identify some of the most common triggers and how to counter them.


Unfortunately, chemicals and other irritants are difficult to avoid in the world today. Many products can be a problem for a child with eczema. 
Scented laundry detergents, soaps, and cleaners have chemicals that can irritate the skin. Look for products that are fragrance- or dye-free.
Laundry Tip: Liquid laundry detergent leaves less residue than powder. Avoid using fabric softeners and scented dryer sheets entirely. 
A few other irritants to look out for: metals (nickel), smoke, wool, polyester, and temporary tattoos.

Environmental Allergens

Depending on the individual, environmental allergens, such as mold, pollen, or pet dander, can cause itchy reactions. Do your best to keep the home free of irritating allergens with regular dusting and vacuuming. Consider using an air filter if it’s within your budget. Many of these specific allergens are seasonal, so it might be useful to document which seasons cause the most flare-ups for your child.  

Food Sensitivities

For kids especially, certain foods can impact eczema. Some of the most common problem foods are peanuts, wheat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. Don’t alter your child’s diet without speaking to a pediatrician first. Keep a journal recording meals and flare-ups to show to a doctor if you recognize a pattern. Dr. Peter Lio, MD of the National Eczema Association says “Most of the foods we think trigger [eczema flare-ups] are true food allergens, but some foods just seem to be inflammatory for certain people, even with negative allergy, and that maybe is where things like gluten and dairy fall in. For many people, even if they test negative, they find that they’re doing better when they’re off of those foods.”


Apply moisturizer to your drooly angel’s mouth area before eating or sleeping. This can help combat eczema patches developing on this sensitive skin if saliva is drying it out.

Changes in Climate

Cold and/or dry weather has a huge effect on children with eczema. While some eczema sufferers flare-up in humid weather and sweat, wintertime is especially difficult for most. Dry skin can lead to worse problems, especially if a child has trouble avoiding scratching themselves. It’s important to make sure that eczema creams and moisturizers are applied and then covered with a soothing fiber like Soothems TEWLTect fabric to lock in the moisture and keep ointments in place. TEWLTect is made with materials that inhibit bacteria growth, store moisture without feeling damp, regulate body temperature, and soothe the skin of your child.

“Therapeutic garments, used either wet or dry, can have a powerful effect on eczema. Soothems is designed for the most sensitive skin and actually outperforms cotton or silk. I think of it as the right tool for the job when working with eczema patients.” - Dr. Lio, MD


Lightweight and breathable, Soothems can provide comfort to children experiencing eczema flare-ups and help counter the many daily triggers they are exposed to. Click here to learn how the doctor recommended Soothems made from TEWLTect skin smart fabric is different.


During flare-ups, it’s easy to get upset and stressed. The problem is that this creates a cycle of frustration. When experiencing physical discomfort and the mental stress tied to that, it makes it difficult to sleep soundly. Poor sleep is absolutely going to trigger more stress and additional painful flare-ups. 

Soothems pajamas can help stop that vicious cycle short by soothing your child’s skin and by keeping their mind off their condition.

Mind over matter is the most effective healing medicine! Soothems has developed a revolutionary therapy using a sensitive skin safe, MAGIC print that fades away with body heat, promoting positive images of healing. Our FREE with purchase eBook “Search for a Smile in the Moon” pairs with the “magic” disappearing moons on the garments! It’s the perfect bedtime ritual to calm and comfort your child after therapeutic eczema treatments. Soothems can take your child to a magical place where a peaceful night’s sleep is naturally part of becoming eczema-free.


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