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Debunking the Most Common Eczema Myths

Debunking the Most Common Eczema Myths - Soothems

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked at length about baby eczema treatment. The important thing to know is this: what works for your little one may not work for another baby with eczema. That’s why it’s a good idea to try different remedies in order to see what’s most effective for your son or daughter. Unfortunately, all of this information has led to a number of myths about eczema. Keep reading as we debunk some of the more common ones.

  1. Eczema is contagious - As explained by Jonathan Spergel of the National Eczema Association’s Scientific Advisory Committee, one of the most common concerns that exist in the public is that eczema is contagious. Granted, an eczema outbreak often results in red, swollen, and cracked skin most often paired with an awful itch. But the idea that eczema is contagious is a total misconception.
  2. Eczema is no big deal - More than 30 million Americans deal with the challenges of eczema. None of them would probably be very pleased if you told them their skin condition was no big deal. Young people with eczema can have plenty of quality-of-life issues, including psychological ones. In the same NEA article, Paul Yamauchi says that “it’s itchy, it’s painful, and it’s not just a skin condition.”
  3. Eczema goes away with diet changes - If your child has food allergies, you will do whatever it takes to figure out what they should stop eating. But just because you determine the culprit doesn’t necessarily mean that their eczema will go away for good. Taking it a step further, it’s imperative that you take proper care of their skin. This means everything from keeping them cool and comfortable at home to implementing a moisturizing routine before bedtime. Should you choose to explore elimination diets for your son or daughter’s allergies, be sure to consult their physician first.
  4. Someone with eczema shouldn’t go swimming - This is even more naive thinking. As long as it’s done within reason, those with eczema can swim in chlorinated pools. The trick, though, is to wash off the chlorine with fresh water after and then immediately remoisturize. Don’t forget to put more sunblock on your child as well. Not surprisingly, eczema and sunburn don’t usually mix well.
  5. Since there is no cure, there isn’t much optimism for your child’s eczema - Not true! Eczema skin care has come a long way in recent years. Clinical researchers are making notable strides in identifying safe and effective treatments for atopic dermatitis. Here at Soothems, our eczema therapy team recommends trying the following for your child:
    1. Managing triggers - Does your child experience flare-ups after a stressful day at school? Is their eczema worse when it’s hot? If so, then do what you can to manage their trigger factors.
    2. Moisturize - Whether you’ve been searching for eczema relief for babies, infants, or children, the right moisturizer goes a long way. Make it a point to moisturize your kiddo after bathtime and before bedtime.
    3. Invest in eczema sleepwear - More parents are choosing eczema pajamas from Soothems to relieve their child’s itchy skin. Pick from our Baby Eczema Treatment Sleepwear Romper, Eczema Therapy + Relief Arm & Leg Sleeve Pair, and other must-try infant eczema products.

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