Eczema Relief : You'll Love Our Proprietary TEWLTect® Fabric Technology

Soothems® are medically therapeutic and relieve itching, help preserve moisture on the skin, controls bacteria growth, regulates body temperature to keep skin cool and soothe and protect the skin. Made from a special sustainable blend of TENCEL™ with Chitosan & viscose from Bamboo and Zinc OxideThese benefits will not wash or wear out in the life of the garment. Soothems are FDA registered as a Class 1, medical device, exempt status.

Soothems® is intended to be used in conjunction with other eczema & psoriasis treatments that are recommended by health care professionals and will actually increase their efficacy. Soothems are perfect to put on after an apple cider vinegar, or coconut oil, or oatmeal and/or bleach bath. Soothems work as an occlusive barrier and are an excellent cover for topical treatments like Corticosteroid or hydrocortisone creams, or over the counter moisturizer lotions and emollients.  Soothems do not stick to the skin like cotton garments and some other synthetic fabric garments and bandages.

When wet wrapping treatments are recommended by a health care professional Soothems are an excellent way to keep the skin extra moist, longer and more comfortable than cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. Soothems products are easy to use wet and reduce both patient and caregiver’s frustrations with the process.