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Eczema Education

Give your child 3 advantages over eczema –

  1. It’s never too early in a child’s life to educate them about what eczema is and how to deal with flare-ups both individually and socially.
  2. Help them understand what triggers their flare-ups and how to avoid these triggers.
  3. Teach them how therapeutic baths and topical lotions and emollients will help their skin.

Eczema is a health condition associated with a variety of additional issues that make daily life more difficult for children with this problem, as well as their parents. As you probably know, one issue that can be especially problematic is sleep disruption. At night, children might experience a stronger urge to itch, but if they indulge it they can fall into an itch-scratch cycle that disrupts sleep. On top of the itchiness making it difficult to fall asleep, it makes it difficult for parents to put the child to sleep. A vicious cycle is formed. When children anticipate the itchiness and associate it with going to bed, the bedroom can become a nightly battlefield. Children feel restless, parents feel tired, and bedtime becomes stressful for all.

Sleep disruption due to eczema can be very harmful. First, it means that the child won’t get a restful sleep and might be cranky and tired throughout the day. When the parent stays up to soothe the child, then the parent might not get enough rest either. If nobody’s getting enough sleep and everybody is frustrated, this can lead to more stress and conflict in the relationship. A lose-lose for everyone.

It is important to note that the itch the children feel is a very real symptom of eczema. However, there are many ways to soothe these problems, and some of these techniques include focusing on the psychological aspects as well as on the physical ones. Soothems provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of sleep disruption.

3 Ways Soothems Helps Stop Sleep Disruption Caused by Eczema

  1. Smart Fabric that Soothes the Itch

The eczema-specific sleepwear is meant to help the child reduce itching and provide relief. This can make a significant difference in contrast with traditional sleepwear which can irritate the skin. Our lightweight, friction-free TEWLTect fabric is far superior to cotton garments. It is infused with zinc oxide, which helps soothe the skin as well as keep bacteria out. Perfect to use with your child’s atopic dermatitis topical medications or on its own, Soothems pajamas help aid the physical aspect of sleep-disrupting itchiness.

  1. Magic Fading Ink

These pajamas have a little something extra special that can promote relaxation and visualization. Soothems pajamas have blue moons printed on them with a special ink that fades away upon reaching a certain temperature. This ink is perfectly safe and is not an irritant, but the effect it can have is magical. As the moons fade, it becomes easier for the child to feel that their eczema can fade too. We suggest that you clue your child in on the analogy of the ink and eczema to help them focus on relaxing rather than on being stressed or anticipating the itch. This type of visualization technique can work with adults as well, but with children, it can have an especially powerful effect. Children have a much bigger capacity for belief, and that belief can have a strong impact on their symptoms. Guiding your child to mindfully focus on something other than the itch with the help of their magical new pajamas can also help slow their breathing and ease them into sleep.

3.  A Bedtime Book Just for Kids with Eczema

We also provide a bedtime book that can coach children as they are getting ready to sleep. The book can offer some useful advice on relaxing and, most importantly, tells a story about the fading moons to create a relaxing bedtime routine. Routines are very important in the life of the child, and a bedtime routine is no exception. It can help the child relax and focus on something other than eczema. It can also be a situation that promotes relaxation. A bedtime routine, even for adults, can be a good way of winding down. This routine can involve different rituals, like taking a bath, drinking milk, putting on some pajamas, or reading a book. If it becomes the same every night and, especially, if it contains activities that help the child relax, then it becomes easier settling down and falling asleep, and a lot of the bedtime stress is gone. Reading to your children before bed is never a bad idea; reading a book that’s all about them and how they can feel better could be life-changing.

Using Soothems to help stop sleep disruption is a soothing and special addition to a child’s bedtime routine. And that means more sleep and less stress for you and your little one.


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