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Our Top Five Baby Eczema Treatments

Our Top Five Baby Eczema Treatments - Soothems

Have you recently noticed that your baby has red, scaly, and itchy patches all over his or her body? If so, there’s a good chance its eczema. Scientifically known as atopic dermatitis, eczema affects about 10 percent of children. While eczema is different for everyone, it often shows up on the cheeks, the head, and the folds of skin in babies. There’s also the trouble spots such as the backs of the knees, the elbows, and the neck. Unfortunately, there isn’t one known cause of eczema. However, there are several proven infant eczema treatments that may do some good for your little one. Check out the top five from Fox News Health.

  1. Baths - Skincare experts confirm that cleansing the skin can help remove overgrowth of bad bacteria, which may trigger flare-ups. Our rule of thumb is to bathe your child for no more than 10 minutes. Of course, only used warm water as opposed to hot water. Another piece of advice with your baby’s bathtime is to make sure that you use the right cleansers. Steer clear of harsh soaps and stick with ones that are free of fragrance, paraben, and phthalate. Doing so will prevent your son or daughter’s skin from getting irritated.
  2. Moisturizers - We can’t emphasize enough the importance of moisturizing. A few minutes after bathtime, while your baby’s skin is still slightly damp, seal the moisture in with an ointment or a thick cream. Believe it or not, moisturizing twice a day can make a huge difference with your baby’s skin.
  3. Probiotics - Researchers recently found that supplementing with probiotics during pregnancy and early infancy can lower a baby’s chances of getting eczema. Naturopathic physician Dr. Erika Krumbeck says that a combination of probiotics and fish oil has the potential to completely clear up eczema in about half of babies.
  4. Dietary changes - In some cases, babies have eczema because they inherit bad gut bacteria from their mom. Doctors usually find that dairy is the reason to blame. Therefore, don’t hesitate to switch to a hypoallergenic formula or donor breast milk from a milk bank. As your kiddo gets older, it’s a good idea to keep a food journal and jot down which foods might be contributing to flare-ups.
  5. Prescription medications - You may go to great lengths to ensure that your baby doesn’t have to put on medication for eczema. At times, though, it’s the best option. The pediatrician may recommend a topical steroid medication, antibiotics, oral medications, or phototherapy. Wet wrap therapy could also yield positive results.

How Soothems Relieves Infant Eczema

As a parent, it pains you to see your baby in discomfort. The fact is that eczema is nothing to take lightly. At Soothems, we make eczema skin care our number one priority. Unlike others in the industry who strictly sell eczema therapy products, our team takes it a step further. We’re constantly educating parents on natural treatment for eczema and what they can do to limit flare-ups for their children.

If you’ve been searching for eczema relief for babies, look no further than Soothems. Our blog posts contain information on what to use for eczema, eczema baby treatment, newborn eczema, and other relevant topics.

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