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Children with Eczema and Pets - What to Know

Children with Eczema and Pets - What to Know - Soothems

Nothing compares to picking a new pet to bring home. Whether it’s a dog or cat, you will always remember this special day. That said, choosing a family pet is a big decision, especially if your child has atopic eczema. Keep in mind that a pet could be living in your home for at least 10 years. The last thing you want is for Fido to aggravate the symptoms of your son or daughter and make them uncomfortable in any way. In this post, we will look at everything you should know about children with eczema and furry friends.

In this article from Everyday Health, skin care expert Tolly Epstein explains that “it’s possible owning a pet early in a child’s life may discourage the development of allergy and eczema.” Epstein goes on to say that this is especially true in the case of dogs, where studies have shown that early ownership may protect against developing the skin condition. Let’s also touch on the other side of the argument. Pet dander is one of the primary triggers that makes the rash in eczema even worse.

New Research on Pets for Children with Eczema

Epstein’s research, recently published in The Journal of Pediatrics, concluded that dog ownership among young children who tested positive for dog allergies significantly decreased the risk of developing eczema. In contrast, the opposite was true for children who tested positive for cat allergies and lived with cats.

Here’s how the study was done. Researchers looked at more than 600 kids living in Cincinnati who were considered at high risk of developing allergies. From birth, these children were given skin prick tests every year for allergens such as food, pollen, as well as dog and cat dander. The experts found that infants who lived with dogs and tested positive for such allergies had a lower risk of developing eczema at age 4 than kids with allergies who didn’t live with dogs. Interestingly, children without a dog were four times more likely to develop eczema.

Cat ownership is a bit different when it comes to children with eczema. The same study concluded that children who owned a cat before age 1 and tested positive for cat allergies were a whopping 13 times more likely to develop the condition by age 4. Kids who didn’t have cat allergies but lived with cats didn’t have a greater risk of eczema.

What can we do with this information? Note that there’s plenty of research that needs to be done around the impact of pets on children with eczema. If you believe your child’s symptoms are being triggered by the family pet, there are steps that can be taken. Here are some suggestions from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

  1. Keep the pet out of your child’s bedroom. As much as possible, their bedroom should be a place of comfort.
  2. Have your child wash their hands after touching the pet. Be sure to use a gentle, fragrance-free soap to avoid making the rash worse.
  3. Vacuum daily to get rid of animal fur. The vacuum should have a HEPA filter.
  4. Dust regularly to keep allergens at bay.
  5. Get into the habit of cleaning the litter box frequently and using clumping litter.
  6. Brush your pet regularly in order to control shedding. Just be sure that you do it outside.
  7. To get rid of allergens in its fur, bathe your pet once a week.

Eczema Clothing from Soothems

As a parent, it’s no secret that you want to keep your child and pet happy. Soothems eczema clothing has been developed as a therapeutic treatment to help young people with sensitive skin conditions. Soothems garments are made from a proprietary smart fabric called TEWLTect, a blend of high-performance polymer fibers enhanced with Chitosan and Zinc Oxide. Here’s how Soothems garments work. The curative properties of the smart fabric provide a positive, soothing effect when the skin naturally releases moisture. Best of all, TEWLTect can be used as an occlusive barrier, wet or dry, and with or without topical steroids/emollients.

Take our Toddler Eczema Treatment Sleepwear Leggings, for example. This product features snug fit leggings with “no slip” footies for ultimate comfort. Your little one will appreciate the super soft, bacteria controlling, lightweight, and thermoregulating material. Plus, don’t forget about the Soothems storybook to pair with the garment’s “magic print” pattern. Suitable for boys and girls, these eczema leggings are a must buy.  

Each of the garments at Soothems are handmade in Costa Rica, so you can feel at ease knowing you’re getting the absolute highest quality product. Because we truly care about the well-being of your child, we offer free shipping on U.S. orders of $25 or more. With every purchase, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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