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"Search for a Smile in the Moon" Storybook - FREE eBook

Help break the itch / scratch cycle! Reduce childhood eczema stress and anxiety! Share a smile and give the entire household a restful night’s sleep with this bedtime storybook.

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When a delightful story is shared with an engaged listener, the seeds for
miraculous outcomes are planted and the results are often trans-formative.
Pairing Soothems® bedtime books with our Soothems garments
encourages children to establish a comforting routine to promote
healing behaviors and end-of-day calmness, resulting in a more restful
night’s sleep for you and your little one.

Stress and anxiety are often associated with children suffering from eczema/atopic dermatitis. Soothems FREE bedtime storybooks are written in tandem with the MAGIC fadeaway print on Soothems eczema pajamas to take the eczema suffering child’s mind off the itch/scratch cycle and encourages them imagine their eczema rash is healing, helping them to get a better night sleep!


  • FREE GIFT with PURCHASE- get a copy of Search for a Smile in the Moon link free with every purchase. The eBook will automatically be added to your email confirmation after your place your order.
  • At Soothems LLC, we believe in the therapeutic power of an imaginative story that entertains, empathizes and normalizes life with eczema and other skin conditions for children.
  • To break the itch-scratch cycle and for easing the discomfort of itchy skin from atopic dermatitis, the related high stress levels and loss of sleep that often can occur as a result of an eczema flareup; along with your regular nightly eczema therapy routines like an apple cider vinegar therapeutic bath or colloidal oatmeal bath, have your child put on their Soothemseczema pajamas and then read them our special Soothems bedtime storybook Search for a Smile in the Moon.
  • The combination of the Soothemseczema relief pajamas with the magic “fade away” blue moons and our storybooks will delight and comfort your child to a more restful night sleep. As a result, the entire family will be less stressed, better rested and happier in the morning.

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+ Soothems are designed with a generous amount of stretch so they can fit close to the skin.
+ We recommend that if there is any doubt about size selection, the next larger size should be chosen provided it will still fit snugly.
+ Soothems are a personal healthcare medical device and therefore are not eligible for returns or exchanges once the poly bag seal has been broken 
+ or the poly bag has been opened and / or the product has been removed from the poly bag. If you have any questions regarding the fit of an item, please contact Soothems at or call +612.601.0700, we are happy to help.

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