Eczema Itch and Rash Relief with Smart Fabric

Fast Acting Eczema Therapy for Babies and Toddlers

  • Use Wet or Dry
  • Soothing Second-Skin Layer
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • FDA Registered, Class 1 Medical Device
Soothems eczema relief for toddlers and babies
eczema suits for toddlers and babies


  •  Naturally Cooler
  •  Fights bacteria growth
  •  Perfect for wet wrapping
  •  Use dry over topical medications
  •  Promotes natural skin moisture
  •  Doesn’t stretch or sag 


“Therapeutic garments, used either wet or dry, can have a powerful effect on eczema. Soothems is designed for the most sensitive skin, and actually outperforms cotton or silk...” 

Dr. Peter Lio, MD National Eczema Association, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Committee. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics  

Baby Eczema Therapy Romper
clothing for eczema


"My son, 16 months old with severe eczema, starting sleeping through the night while wearing Soothems Pajamas...Thank you for your pajamas!" — Shali H., California 

"...My son LOVED wearing them to bed and calls it his 'Rocket Suit'. His itching and redness decreased - the benefits are amazing. Will be getting more!" — Ryan B., Colorado

eczema treatment pay with insurance

Pay with HSA, FSA account or submit to Health Insurance provider. 

"Thank you so much, we were able to submit our FSA debit card. Our allergist and pediatrician both thought this product was going to be amazing!" Dannielle S., Georgia  


With Soothems Eczema Skin Smart Garments It's No 'One Thing', It's Everything, Together. That's The Magic.

Smooth Fibers Made with sustainable TENCEL fibers which are smooth, cooling and incredibly friendly to sensitive skin.

smooth fibers for sensitive skin

Bacteria Fighting Eczema fabrics are infused with chitosan, found to increase wound healing rates by 75% and to fight bacteria. 

eczema fabric that fights bacteria

Bamboo Viscose Famous as an eco-friendly, renewable fiber that is a natural substitute for cotton and pairs well well with medical additives.

eco friendly eczema therapy
eczema itch reducing

Itch Reducing Zinc Coated in Zinc Oxide, a proven itch reducing additive that additionally aids in skin protection and speeds healing.

lightweight eczema therapy

Lightweight Eczema fabric holds 50% of it's water without the sog, making it a comfortable wet wrapping companion.

eczema fabric that breaths

Breathable Incredibly breathable and comfortable next to the skin while still holding in and promoting the skins natural moisture.



  • Smart fabric soothes and aides eczema symptoms
  • FREE* story book creates a calming bedtime ritual
  • Dissapearing moons make getting ready for bed magical
  • 20% off your first order with code: SOOTHE20


Soothing Baby and Toddler eczema philosophy

We believe in the therapeutic benefits of technology, touch, sound and story.

Our mission is to improve the lives of children and their families with a technically superior skin smart fabric sleep garment that medically soothes and reduces itchiness while protecting the skin from moisture depletion; promoting a good nights sleep for the whole family. We aim to delight our customers with fun, optimistic and soothing stories, characters, illustrations, and magical fabric prints that promote restful sleep through the calming bedtime ritual of storytelling. We understand the challenges that come with skin conditions and are advocates of public awareness to promote empathy and personal confidence through learning resources and storytelling.